About Protection

City Safe – Safe service

For a maximum level of security, SMD Security Printing Sàrl goes even further to protect your cryptocurrencies. In fact, our partner, the safe and security company City Safe Sàrl Lausanne is the first one to hold Icynote as a service. A reliable team that offers safes to host cold wallets.

City Safe : Safety, reliability, peace of mind

Expert in safety, the City Safe team offers reliability and peace of mind to the clients who want to secure their goods. It is an independent company, that offers an innovative and unique safe service at only 2 km from Lausanne. It gives the possibility to rent an individual safe, for the year or for a fixed period.

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The easiest way to secure your Icynotes

It only takes a few actions to have the maximum security and safety for your Bitcoins stored in your Icynotes. The operation is as follows :

  1. Rent a Safe 180 CHF/year with your passport or proof of identity.
  2. Buy one or several Icynotes directly at City Safe.
  3. Transfer your Bitcoins on the Icynote. During this step, the City Safe team will be glad to help if needed.
  4. Store the Icynote buy putting it into your rented safe and leave with peace of mind.
  5. City Safe offers a high level of security that keeps your assets completely out of reach of any hacker. Also, you are the only one that have the keys to access to your safe.