Your Blockchain Project

Our technology for your blockchain project

SMD developed a technology for securing your blockchain physical wallets. If you are launching your cryptocurrency, we can customize our production process for your currency, your tokenized assets or your “au porteur” asset class.

This is how it works :

  • Create and design your own Banknote
    • We develop your security features (Special Inks, Polymer Substrate, 3D image, Infrared design, Ultraviolet design, Micro perforations, Micro text, 3D hologram)
    • Before a large banknote order is printed, we produce prototypes and samples for you to test and share with partners
  • Then, when approved, we create your wallets with a Quantic Random generator, in order to make sure every Banknote is unique
  • Our team prints the units in Switzerland
  • Then Loomis or Brinks ships it to your country
  • For security reasons, we can activate your Banknotes before they leave our production or we can set-up the Laser Finishing Process in your facilities.

If you are interested or want further information, please contact us.