About Protection

City Safe – Safe service

For a maximum level of security, SMD Security Printing Sàrl goes even further to protect your cryptocurrencies. In fact, our partner, the safe and security company City Safe Sàrl Lausanne is the first one to hold Icynote as a service. A reliable team that offers safes to host cold wallets. City Safe : Safety, reliability, […]

For Financial Institutions

Icynote for financial institutions

SMD provides, with Icynote multi signature, one of the most secure wallet in the crypto-industry. The clients can have access to the Icynote security system with an added layer of physical multi signature. This is how it works Instead of printing the whole key into a unique Icynote, the Icynote multi signature works differently. In […]

About Protection

SMD Protects against Counterfeiting

With our security technology, we help you protect your products and documents. Whether it is for : Pharma industry Spare Parts Secure Documents Software etc. 1. We create your secure hologram, containing your security features This tamper-proof hologram labels is unique and electronically signed with a QR Code Authentication is a process whereby the end […]

Your Blockchain Project

Our technology for your blockchain project

SMD developed a technology for securing your blockchain physical wallets. If you are launching your cryptocurrency, we can customize our production process for your currency, your tokenized assets or your “au porteur” asset class. This is how it works : Create and design your own Banknote We develop your security features (Special Inks, Polymer Substrate, […]